What Happens in an Intuitive Energy Healing Session?

Hi, thanks for visiting. You might be wondering what an intuitive and energy healer actually does. Here’s how my sessions generally go:

We talk a little bit about what’s on your mind, which shows up in your body somewhere as joy or pain. Next I ask you to lie down or sit comfortably. For the duration of the session I will send Quantum-Touch energy into your body through my hands. You can be right next to me or thousands of miles away. It will not matter the distance.

After the session, you and I will check in. Or if you’ve fallen asleep, we can talk later.

Often I write up what I saw during your healing session. These write ups can be pretty entertaining when our guides and angels get together and cavort on your behalf. Sometimes I will be able to draw what I saw, or there will be a song which I will record and send to you.

My goal is for you to love your life and be continuously joyful.

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