Watch Susie’s Interview with Ken Goldenberg

Here’s my interview with Ken Goldenberg, Channel 6, on his morning show “This Day.”

We talked about my “Conversations with Susie” video segments and how I go about finding my fascinating artist subjects like Ellen Rose and Louise Doslu.




Fun Interview with Susie and Ken Goldenberg

Hi, Susie here. I was interviewed this morning by a real pro, Ken Goldenberg of Channel 6, our closed circuit channel here in Laguna Woods Village in Southern California.

We talked about my “Conversations with Susie” video segments and how I go about finding my fascinating artist subjects like Ellen Rose and Louise Doslu. You can see our interview again today on Channel 6, June 3rd, just after 12:30 or at the end of the GRF meeting. It will air again at 5 pm. If you miss it, I will post the interview here in a few days.

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Coming up, I talk with Marge Kinney, plein air artist and educator. You will learn about her YouTube videos and why she does them.

Thanks again to the Video Club of Laguna Woods Village for providing such wonderful talent and facilities to residents for $10 a YEAR. We are truly blessed.

IPad Art with Louise Doslu

Our second conversation is with Louise Doslu, Village resident, member of the MAC Club and the Energy Club. She’s a wonderful portrait artist who discovered her talent while playing around on her iPad.

Louise has the nerve to show up at painting and drawing classes without paper, pencils or paint. Although instructors are a bit shocked, they’ve been adventurous enough to allow her to stay and make beautiful work.

In this short video you’ll get an idea of how she uses Art Studio, an app from the iTunes App store – $4.99. If you’re watching this on a mobile device, you’ll be able to pinch out to make he studio’s screen more readable. Here’s the link in case you can’t see the video below:

We somehow missed showing you her fabulous portraits which she makes from scratch, starting with a blank screen and drawing with her finger. She does not use a stylus. Click here to be amazed: Louise’s Portraits. Maybe we can catch her in a drawing class and show you her technique. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Video Club of Laguna Woods for making this possible, especially Scott and Mike.

Our first show is live – with Ellen!

Our first show, my interview with Ellen Rose, knock-your-socks-off artist, is here:

My thanks to Scott Marvel, our producer, who turned me into a talk show host after just a few minutes on camera. I promise to get better. But don’t know if I could have any more fun. And much love to Mike Ayotte whose lighting and camera skills give us a youthful glow. Can’t tell you how much that impressed me, ha! Ellen you were absolutely the BEST guest to have on our first show. You saved my bacon more than once with your great stories and quick wit. Thanks to you, our fans, for all your suggestions for “village people” I should interview and share with you. Keep them coming.

Louise Doslu, iPad Portrait Artist

Louise-bistangoComing up:  Louise Doslu created quite the ruckus when she refused to buy paints and paper for a portrait class here in Laguna Woods Village. Her iPad was all she needed, she said. Several months later we agree that she was right!  You will not believe what this woman creates using just her finger as a paint brush.

Join me when Louise shows us how she creates using the ArtStudio app. I’ll show you my digital paintings too using another art app – Sketch Club.

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Ellen Rose, Fine Artist

Ellen and Susie at Bistango with Susie's painting in background

Ellen and Susie at Bistango Gallery Restaurant in Irvine with Susie’s painting in background

Today’s guest is Ellen Rose. Ellen’s paintings have been shown in galleries and museums throughout Southern California. Today she talks about her Cirucs and Tattoo series. And brings us up to date with her current project. You will be stunned!

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