Fun Interview with Susie and Ken Goldenberg

Hi, Susie here. I was interviewed this morning by a real pro, Ken Goldenberg of Channel 6, our closed circuit channel here in Laguna Woods Village in Southern California.

We talked about my “Conversations with Susie” video segments and how I go about finding my fascinating artist subjects like Ellen Rose and Louise Doslu. You can see our interview again today on Channel 6, June 3rd, just after 12:30 or at the end of the GRF meeting. It will air again at 5 pm. If you miss it, I will post the interview here in a few days.

Do you know of anyone who is doing something amazing and sharing it?  Please email me at

Coming up, I talk with Marge Kinney, plein air artist and educator. You will learn about her YouTube videos and why she does them.

Thanks again to the Video Club of Laguna Woods Village for providing such wonderful talent and facilities to residents for $10 a YEAR. We are truly blessed.

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